About Us

Cork Horner & Associates is a premier master affiliate of Open Door Wealth Management, LLC is a unique provider of myriad services to home buyers, home sellers, real estate agents, real estate brokerages, real estate investors, mortgage brokers and financial planners.

Open Door Wealth Management, LLC (“ODWM”) has been successfully in business in its various company forms and structures for twenty-five years and is considered an invaluable staple in the business lives of thousands of professional clients, students and buyers and sellers of real property (‘residential and commercial).

Via ODWM’s various systems and programs, our clients are able to network with one another across the US in a multitude of ways, i.e. sharing leads, finding partners, finding investors, fining properties, finding buyers and sellers, forming master-mind groups, attending training sessions, simplifying complex document preparation on the Web, including deed transfer and trust set-up.

What ODWM means to sellers:

ODWM assists home sellers quickly dispose of unwanted properties via various wholly legal and fully accepted, deception-free, seller financing mechanisms: such as, say, trust based wraps, options, contract and equity partnerships.  Our seller (relinquishing party) clients always receive top dollar for their properties (often more than appraised value)…’even in view of over-encumbrance, substandard condition, in-process foreclosure, clouded title, or being “out-of-area.”.

What ODWM means to home buyers:

ODWM provides an exquisite access to home buying for those who are too often relegated the world of “just renting.”

Through the various programs available through ODWM , virtually anyone who can fog up a mirror on a cold day can achieve homeownership with very little cash or credit (‘often with none of either).  When ODWM acquires a property – ‘single family residence or commercial – the property is immediately vested in a trustee for a title-holding land trust, and from that point forward, we can deal with the trust’s beneficiary interest than with the property’s title.

In the land trust transfer, we have the banking industry, the IRS and state tax legislation on our side.  In other words, a resident beneficiary in a properly constructed EHTruist™ (our term for the 3rd party transfer) is entitled to 100% of the benefits of ownership including property tax and mortgage interest tax deduction…as well as appreciation, mortgage principal reduction, etc.   Moreover, all this is accomplished without the necessity of a new mortgage loan, a down payment or any specific credit requirement.

What ODWM means to Realtors®, Mortgage Brokers, Investor and Financial Planners:

Realtors® and mortgage brokers (for example) are presented, virtually every day, with “opportunities” that just can’t be taken advantage of: i.e., either the property is grossly over-encumbered, short sale is not possible or has been tried and failed; the house is in foreclosure or about to be; or it’s too much in need of repairs to warrant a sale without major (over-burdening) expense.

With little more than a passing understanding of the EHTrust™ concept, any Realtor® can place him/herself in a position to make a full commission on virtually any property, regardless of its negative circumstances:  ‘by simply bringing the transaction to us and converting what would otherwise be a conventional sale to an EHTrust™ sale and acquisition.  In other words, a resident beneficiary or outside real estate investor can absorb some or all of the requisite transfer expense (‘which are minimal compared to a conventional transaction) and the ownership transfer can proceed as would an ordinary sale: with 100% of the same benefits that would be garnered by the same parties in any ordinary real estate sale and purchase transaction.

Regarding the forgoing statement, do bear in mind that EHTrust™ buyers and sellers (or investors) receive the added benefit of virtually perfect asset protection re. the property.  This is so because the properties title is held in trust (legal and equitable title) by the third-party corporate, non-profit trustee: meaning that neither party’s lawsuits, IRS claims, creditor judgments, marital dissolution actions, bankruptcy actions, divorce actions or probate actions can attach to the property.


ODWM was established in 1985 as “Resource Management Services,” a local proprietorship dealing only in residential property equity share purchases. After a few years of dealing successfully with buyers and sellers, RMS became “North American Realty Services, Inc.,” still doing equity share purchase, but teaching the concept to other real estate professionals through workshops and seminars throughout the US.

Then in about 1997, the land trust transfer concept was perfected and “NARS” affiliated with North American Loan Servicing out of Midpines California, which company then became the exclusive non-profit, 501C corporate trustee for all trust systems.  This affiliation enabled NARS  to concentrate exclusively on our much safer and practical EHTrust™ transfer process, within full compliance with all state and federal regulations, as well as with all banking industry guidelines (‘especially pertinent to alienation [due-on-sale] issues re. 12USC 1701j-3).

As might be expected ODWM is progressing to ever higher levels of success and service, and has its doors open to virtually all those who would be interested in residential real estate sales, acquisition or investment, or the income-tax advantages thereof.  In these very trying and confusing times ODWM continues to provide the most effective, safe and practical solution for our wide-range client base.

Who are we?

is a Master Affiliate of Open Door Wealth Management.

As the founder of Cork Horner & Associates the initial Realty and Construction activities were aimed at creative solutions too hard to close transactions with profitability and asset protection the underlying goals. Because each transaction involves unique needs and interests, we engage whatever avenues and methods to efficiently initiate contract objectives are employed with time being of the essence. Utilizing team efforts we can apply that to your interests and needs running the full gamut in the fascinating world known as real estate. Our main focus is to find the most expedient and efficient transaction techniques to arrive at solutions for your situation and create win-win solutions for all parties to transactions. In keeping with our philosophy and strategies we don't lose sight of 'getting the deal done' which can be interpreted as utilizing whatever technique or method will add to expedient solutions. With our broad interests and contacts across the United States we can often identify what will work best for you regardless of where your interests are. This would include but not limited to Wholesaling at discounts, full retail transactions, short and long term goals, or whatever combination of methods becomes necessary. In order to stay timely with not only time worn methods in rest estate we stay in touch with many sources of necessary current information in these fast changing time sensitive times. The bottom line is to utilize all pertinent information that's up to date that applies to your interests and needs. Our website includes the several avenues which can serve your needs by first developing the process for your transactions and keeping in mind at all times to not throw the baby out with the bath water. That means getting deals closed. To accomplish the above we keep an open door to many sources that can efficiently handle whatever your situation requires in realty and construction . As part of that approach we include professional affiliations with those that can incorporate the techniques needed to create the solutions you want. Our main geographic interests are currently California, Arizona and Nevada. However our techniques and strategies can be applied across the United States in most instances. To begin your journey with us contact us by email or phone whatever works best for you and your needs. We can then implement getting the solutions you may want to utilize. Creative and innovative approaches to realty and construction to effective solutions is our primary objective for all parties. Try us to see what we can do for your situation. Thank you

ODWM is the National leader and founder of the EHTrust Transfer System. Its staff of professional has over 50 years of experience in providing documentation services, training services and transactional support across the United States for the past 30 years.

We are focused 100% on the real estate industry. Our team of experienced business people and the resulting support staff stand ready to assist our clients with any need that might come about

WE consult in every phase of real estate ownership and investing; however, we must admit that our primary passion is the EHTrust™ transfer system and its safe, effective, legal and convenient functionality in all aspects of the business!

What we do:

  • We provide very reasonably-priced documentation services and transaction assistance for those who utilize the EHTrust™ relative to any form of creative (innovative) financing
  • In a nutshell we connect motivated home buyers with motivated home sellers!
  • We connect Realtors and real estate investors with motivated buyers and sellers and other professionals

What you should expect when working with us (i.e., this is our contract with you, the client):

  • You can expect the highest quality of service, always
  • You can expect the most expedient handling of all tasks assigned to, or ordered from, us
  • You can expect the utmost in friendly customer service and honest concern when you call
  • You can expect unparalleled integrity, trustworthiness and customer loyalty, always
  • You can expect that we will consistently place your needs above our own at every turn
  • You can expect a friendly and helpful voice at the other end of every call you make to our office (‘even if you’re not nice, yourself.  Well…’on second thought, we’ll really try hard on that one)
  • You can always expect to receive more from us than you’ll ever be asked to give